Putting the “Rant” in Tolerant

This is just despicable. Michelle Malkin, an accomplished American journalist, blogger, columnist, commentator, and enterpreneuese, regularly gets hate mail from Liberals who think that she’s a traitor to her race, her gender, or whatever. She has published a few of these hate-filled screeds over the years that I have been reading her blog, but the one she published today really is over the top. It fills me with shame, that woman could write such a hateful message to another woman; with despair, that the idea of civil discourse and amiable disagreement seem to have disappeared from polite society; and with fear for what will become of our beloved country if these trends continue, as it seems they will.

Read, and judge for yourself.

Michelle Malkin:

Let me begin by saying that I know you won’t reply to this, probably won’t read this, as cowards like you like to speak from a bully pulpit, shielded by faceless, nameless men who facilitate your ability to spew their ideological madness. I say “their” because you don’t even realize, or maybe don’t care how you prostitute yourself – figuratively as well as, I am sure, literally – parroting their racist views and believe them to be your own.

You see, simple Michelle, the sad fact is that you look in the mirror every morning, and see yourself as a self-made, bright young woman for whom race has never been an issue. Your last name – Malkin – is Jewish, no? Husband or adopted parent gave you that prize, I suspect. Lucky for you it fits in better with your white girl fantasy, separates you even further from who you are. The saddest fact, however, is that your “place” in the satellite world of Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney exists because they can use you. Don’t you wonder why in times like this they trot your slanted-eyed self out, along with several willing negro and hispanic housemaids and boys, and have you deliver their poison in the belief that fair thinking, intelligent People of Color are as stupid and easily bought as you? How can you be a witness to this wondrous moment in history, and have only one thought – to destroy it for your own gain? Thirty pieces of silver, Michelle. Is it worth it?

On the off chance that this does get to your narrow-minded eyes I am sure you will have a big laugh with the white boys and girls in your office (the same ones who refer to you as a “chink” behind your back). You’ll have a discussion about why n—–s like me are so stupid. You’ll go home and you’ll look at your children – who I am sure look a little like you, at least – or maybe you’ll glance in that mirror you seem to love so much. And you’ll have to be honest at some point with yourself and your God, and you’ll feel shame.

The only reason someone like you are (sic) allowed to work in the media is because of giants like Gwen Ifill – a real, live journalist whose reputation and track record is beyond reproach. Women who have to fight each day against what you destroy a little bit more with each of your stupid, dangerous columns.

You, on the other hand, are not fit to do her nails.
From Gail T. in Alexandria, Virginia

I’m simply aghast at the hatred spewing out here, and I can’t understand how anyone can hold such venomous thoughts and remain sane. I wonder if there is a mental illness sweeping the nation.

I think very highly of Ms. Malkin, and have been reading her columns regularly for many years now. I believe that she is a role model worthy of today’s girls and young women. I admire how she continues to work despite frequent attacks such as the one above. Ms. Malkin, stay strong, stay focused, and stay safe.

If you are outraged by attacks like this, get mad. Stay mad.



4 Responses to Putting the “Rant” in Tolerant

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  2. Dave B says:

    Gail T? I bet she’s another graduate of the Trinity Church. I think this letter was plagiarized from Reverend Wright’s CD reciting his sermon on showing tolerance in the US of KKK. Her mother probably forced her to sing about how George McGovern’s Gonna Change the World when she was a child.

  3. Gene says:

    “…stupid, dangerous columns…”

    Gail T unwittingly has demonstrated (once again) why we as a nation cannot afford to let liberals obtain the reins of power; for them, speech is only entitled to be free if it is not offensive to ‘them.’

    Look out, folks. If the Gails, Gwens, and Baracks of the world have their way we will have ‘change’ you can believe in: loss of your free speech rights, loss of the second ammendment, indoctrination of your children at school, censorship in the public square rationalized on the basis of ‘hate speech’, and the ‘fairness’ doctrine which will silence conservatives on the airways.

    Welcome to Amerika.

  4. Thomas says:

    It is said that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. Wikipedia tells us that after the “Black Tuesday” stock-market crash of 1929 the market rebounded just as it is doing now. Very significantly, drought in 1930 coupled with a downturn in auto sales and falling commodity prices led to DEPRESSION.
    What do we have happening now? Are not General Motors and Chrysler in merger talks? Why? Are not commodity prices falling and expected to fall further as China feels the effects of the economic slowdown? What is happening with the weather? Will the US drought break? Is there any guarantee that it will? http://www.drought.unl.edu/DM/MONITOR.HTML
    In these matters the current California wildfires serve as a warning for those with “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” – especially for those with Republican leanings.
    If you would like to know how the forgotten ancient lessons of history are being played out once again and how the REAL SOLUTIONS are being ignored email xnfservices@hotmail.com for your FREE chance to learn more and “prosper” beyond this financial crisis.
    Kind regards

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