Lots of folks are liveblogging the debate. I’m not going to do that, I’m just going to make a few notes to myself while watching:

It’s 9:48. I’m going to predict right now that the focus of the review of the debates is going to be “how many times did Senator McCain blink his eyes and how many times did he mumble while Jim Leher was speaking?

I hate to say it, but it’s little stuff like this that people see as a “weakness.” They’ll think he’s nervous. His audible, “uh-huhs” when Leher speaks and his non-stop blinking will be his “Richard Nixon 5 O’Clock Shadow.”

Incidentally, I blink a lot too. It shouldn’t be seen as a distraction, but it often is.

Obama must have an implant in his head, because he’s not stuttering and there’s no teleprompter.

I hope McCain takes advantage of an Obama screw up and NAILS him. So far he hasn’t.

Rating this debate will be difficult, but because Obama’s expectation were so low and McCain’s so high, I’m guessing the polls will have Obama as the winner of this debate unless something major happens in the balance of the debate. 

Obama is a smartass. But he’s looking and sounding far more confident than McCain who just stands there blinking his eyes and looking nervous. And that’s, unfortunately, what a lot of America’s dumbass soundbite eaters respond to.

To the educated, McCain makes more sense. By far. But it all depends on which group of Americans go to the polls. And Obama’s people are swarming the malls down here helping people register to vote.  Nobody here doing anything similar for McCain. Obama was trailing down here now looks like he’s gaining. Makes sense.

This is Idiot Central down here. McCain’s biggest hope is that these folks are also too dumb to find the voting polls (or able to figure out how to use them if they do find ’em)..

Checking housing costs in Costa Rica. Gotta go.

Wow… Ever notice how a jet engine doesn’t give you instant response, but when it kicks in, it KICKS ASS?  It seemed to me that McCain took a bit of time to find his stride, but when he did, Obama didn’t get ANYTHING past him. 
And by the time Obama said, “Uh, I’ve got a bracelet too,… Representing, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh…  ”  it was clear the McCain was spanking the big “O” without even having to raise his voice.
No surprise: NBC has Babbling Biden to review the debate.  An invitation was given to Palin but was declined. Bad move… It makes it look like they are still afraid to put her in front of the media. She’d better field dress Biden on Thursday.  Rudy’d doing a good job though.
In the end, McCain kept picking up points as the debate went on.  I’d have to say this was McCain by a comfortable margin. Now if he could just work on that blinking…

Gerry Ashley


2 Responses to Post-Debate-Blogging

  1. Cat says:

    Really people, McCain’s every other word is ” I ” . I will do this I will do that. Blah blah blah. Obama is about the United States of America. Period. He states that ” WE ” need to reform health care, ” WE ” need to protect the enviroment, ” WE ” need to fix the economic crisis. Omaba is going to work with and for the People of The United States. Not for himself. Take a closer look and you will see. It is not really so much as who says they have the best plan, but the one that is going to work for the People and By the PEOPLE!

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