McCain Trumps Obama

 McCain Trumps Obama: Suspends Campaign, Returning To Senate To Address Financial Emergency, Calling For Bi-Partisan Effort

In a brilliant display of LEADERSHIP, Senator John McCain announced moments ago that he is suspending his campaign effective immediately in order to participate in the Senate hearings to address the financial crisis.

This is a brillant move on the part of McCain that undoubtedly has the Obama campaign kicking themselves for several reasons:

  • It’s the right thing to do. This is the biggest financial crisis this country has faced yet. Warren Buffett described it today as “An Economic Pearl Harbor.”
  • For either Senator to continue campaigning and passing at the opportunity to part of the solution would be the ultimate display of indifference to the American Taxpayer.
  • McCain got it and acted on it. Obama didn’t. In time of crisis, you want the person who knows how to respond and does so first to be your leader. McCain clearly scores in this area. Such is the value of a leader with EXPERIENCE. 

Where was Obama? Holding a rally at Knology Park (minor league baseball field in Dunedin, Florida). 

McCain announced he is requesting the debate Friday be postponed until Congress has addressed the bailout issue and says he is contacting Obama and requesting that he join him. The breaking news now is that Obama requests a “joint statement” with the McCain campaign. Translation: You trumped us on this, now we want the chance to appear Presidential too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve just seen a sampling of how each man would run the country as President in time of crisis: McCain knew his priorities and TOOK ACTION.  Barack had to be informed the right course of action and immediately took steps to try to make it look like it was his idea all along. Again, the difference is EXPERIENCE and McCain Just showed us all how important that is.

Stay tuned.

Gerry Ashley

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