John McCain Just Became the Next President of the United States

While Biden and Obama were lost, John McCain just did something that locked up his presidency. He suspended his campaign, asked for cooperation across the aisles, and called upon the President in order to bring full force to bear on the economic mess. (

He has also asked that the presidential debate over foreign policy (his strongest suit) be suspended.

This is what Americans have been looking for – selflessness and leadership.

Expect follow ups from here as events unfurl.

Alan Speakman

7 Responses to John McCain Just Became the Next President of the United States

  1. PJ says:

    McCain already stated he knows nothing about the economy. What is he going to do in DC, offer everyone coffee? He’s of little help. It’s like me asking him how to change my password on Gmail.

  2. Rocky says:

    I see it the same way. If Barack Obama does not follow his lead on this, he will forfeit the right to criticize. He will just look like a whiner.

  3. Rocky says:

    PJ…John McCain actually tried in 2005 to change the regulation rules for FreddieMac/FannieMae…so apparently he knew enough to put his name on legislation dealing with this issue 3 years ago. What exactly did Barack Obama do during his time in the Senate to deal with the issue?

    Gmail? Please, that is just lame.

  4. gk says:

    And the startling alternative is a card carrying Communist with Zero experience?

  5. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Yeah PJ. Laugh it up. Funny, that an old guy who can’t bend his arms well can’t use a keyboard great because Charlie beat the “f” out of him in Hotel Hanoi. Funny stuff. Hmmm. Maybe I should ask Albert Einstein to change my gmail password too. Oh wait, he couldn’t do that either, perhaps that makes him dumb too. Focus on real issues. I could care less if Obama is computer savvy or not. He doesn’t know how the world works, and that, is my problem with him. That silly man said he would ask the Security Council to vote on the Georgia invasion. HAAA! Russia has veto power. I just can’t envision him running the country with notions like that. Sorry. I wish the Repubs had put forward Condi though. She’s my hero. Too bad she doesn’t want the job.

  6. Willy says:

    Gmail password? PJ, while you’re learning how to change your Gmail password, why don’t you teach us how to change someone else’s Yahoo Mail password? Wouldn’t that show what a hipster Obama support you really are?

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