Barack to the Future

Well, the Democrats have done it. They have anointed their Messiah chosen their candidate, and come hell or high water, he’s theirs and they are his. (Or most of them are his. Or some of them…) His apotheosis will be complete this evening as he speaks to the multitudes from his Greek temple in INVESCO Field (the Greek set design, naturally was handled by Bobby Allen et al, the same folks who handle Britney Spears’ sets.) I wonder if loaves and fishes will be provided. I also wonder what he’ll actually have to say. Will it be more soaring rhetoric, full of hope and change and healing the sick and lowering the seas? Or will he finally get down to brass tacks and tell the world what he’s really about? My money’s on the rhetoric. And why blame him, he does it so well.

As I read of all the excess, the hyperbole, the over-the-top grandiosity of Sen. Obama’s campaign, I can’t help but wonder if the Dems are beginning to wonder if they’ve backed the wrong horse… Yes, he certainly is a stirring orator. Yes, he is definitely a dynamic figure. He has an exotic background, a lovely and intelligent wife, two adorable little children (with maybe another on the way?), and a Senate seat which he forsook almost the moment he was elected to it. He also has associations with some definitely shady characters, from whom he is still desperately trying to distance himself.

There’s the America-hating pastor, Wright; the America-hating priest, Pfleger; the indicted fixer, Rezko; and the unrepentant terrorist and his wife, Ayers and Dohrn. Ayers is the Weather Underground member who, after bombing NY Police Headquarters, the Capitol, and the Pentagon with his group, announced “Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America’s a great country.”

Wright, Pfleger, and Rezko were thrown under the bus long ago. Ayers and Dohrn, however, are proving a bit harder to get rid of. It was at their home that Sen. Obama chose to launch his political career. Obama has dramatically downplayed the association by stating that “…he’s just a guy from the neighborhood.” Yet there are still many threads to be unravelled in finding out the scope of their relationship. Michelle Malkin, Ed Morrissy at Hot Air, Little Green Footballs, and the National Review’s Media Blog are all giving this plenty of coverage. Yet the mainstream media has barely covered it. Quelle surprise!

The Democrats have made their choice for the future of their party. But I still wonder, with all of this going on so quietly in the background, if there isn’t a bit of buyers’ remorse hanging in the rarefied air of the Mile-High City this week.


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