You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me

UPDATE: Ann Althouse beat me to the punch, darn it!

After comments about the price of arugula, the coronation in Berlin (“I am a citizen of the world”), the “Big O” salute, the Soviet-style posters, the Messianic iconography, the “O-Force One” campaign plane (complete with a throne containing his hoped-for title, and his personal logo painted over the American flag on the tail), the ill-considered Vero Possumus slogan, the changing of location of “the speech” from the  Pepsi Center to INVESCO Field, and the awesome variety of directional, theatrical, and verbal gaffes too numerous to mention, comes this: Sen. Obama will accept his party’s nomination in a huge sports arena on a stage set like a Greek temple. How very bread-and-circuses of him. 

Not even John (“I was born in the West Wing”) Kerry was this out of touch with ordinary Americans.

While it certainly doesn’t speak well for his campaign staff who a) thought it up, b) got it through the hierarchy to be approved, and c) presented it to Sen. Obama as an actual viable idea, it surely does speak volumes about the candidate himself that he’s actually going along with this self-aggrandizing spectacle. In fact, he may see nothing at all out of the ordinary about it. And given everything that has gone before, I guess it should come as no surprise that Obama will have himself crowned king of all Democrats in his Greek temple before 76,000 seats (will they really all be filled?). I guess his acolytes decided that the Pepsi Center with its paltry 20,000 seats just wasn’t grand enough.

Ah, well. It will surely be a spectacle on a truly vast scale. I’m just not sure whether I should pray for rain, or hope for a Spinal Tap moment.

Perhaps I’ll do both.


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