Whicker’s World

I was watching the DNC Convention prep coverage a couple of days ago, and was struck by a stunning comment by an insipid, grinning Fox News reporter. As he walked the camera around the Colorado Convention Center he mentioned that Fox had its own media box from which all the Fox “stars” would report from.

And that’s what it has become… All of it… The politicians, the media, even that lowest common denominator of common folks, Casey Anthony; it’s all about getting the attention for ME. Monty Python nailed it so many years ago:

And so it goes… Jesse hates Barack, but smile baby, smile! After decades, McCain (and to a much lesser degree, Obama) suddenly discovers that offshore drilling for oil might not be such a bad idea. (Gee, I wonder if it could have anything to do with the elections? Nah…) And so heartfelt insincerity drips ad nauseum. Bill and Hillary are going to lend their “complete” support to Obama. (Would anyone care to buy a bridge?) McCain’s camp actually makes an anti-Obama commercial pointing out his “rock-star” status (at least they got that one right).

But this is what we have come to as a political system and as a society in general. Put the spotlight on ME. I want my bread and circuses. Where’s MY refund check from the government?

We don’t care that our jocks are juiced… On with the game! We don’t care that our celebs are drug-soaked, spoiled brats… On with the show! We don’t care that our politicians change directions like weather vanes… On with the elections!

Politics (and much of society) in America today is little more than professional wrestling – tawdry, contrived, even smutty theater.

Fox News just sent one of their reporters (Griff Jenkins) into a crowd of protesters outside the Denver Convention trying to find out exactly what they were protesting about… They couldn’t even answer that simple question – they were yelling for the sake of yelling. It was simply a pack of pathetic, gutless (many hid their faces), selfish, narcissistic, “never will get a life or a clue” losers; but so long as they pestered people with their noise, they seemed happy.

In 1961, JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Today we live in a Monty Python Whicker’s World where President Kennedy’s sentiments are completely irrelevant, and the only things people are asking for are money, power, and attention.

I swear that there are times if I could pack up the wife and I and live on the moon… I’d do it.

Alan Speakman

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