February 10, 2014

The invaluable Bill Whittle does it again. In his guise as the Virtual President, Mr. Whittle takes on the topic of education and makes his case as only he can.

Nicely done, Mr. Virtual President!


The Deconstruction of Trayvon

July 22, 2013

Anyone who was paying attention to the actual facts of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case already knows this, but as usual, Bill Whittle’s eloquence spells it all out clear as a bell.

My only question is this: did anyone ever bother to inquire whether there was any Robutussin found in the medicine chest of Martin’s father’s girlfriend?


UPDATE: More deconstruction — this time, of the media’s shameful performance — can be found here (well worth reading).

Conservative Principles: The World As It Is

November 2, 2012

This video is for those of you who have decided to cast a vote on Tuesday for a third-party candidate–Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, whomever–or who refuse to vote at all. I know you are standing on principle by your planned action or inaction. I know you believe that your protest vote or lack thereof will send a message to the party that not everyone is pleased with the choice of Mitt Romney as a candidate, and that we could, and should do better.

If you’re thinking along these lines, then please, for the sake of the nation, watch this video, and then, with clear eyes viewing the world as it is today, act according to your conservative principles.

The entire future of our nation depends on each and every one of us. We need you now.


Minding My Own Business

June 21, 2012

You really couldn’t ask for more than Bill Whittle’s latest video on a steamy hot summer Thursday:


I’m Talking To You

March 26, 2012

…and so is Bill Whittle. In his latest video, Mr. Whittle addresses himself to people who don’t really get too deep into politics (which may be why you’re reading Grand Rants, and not HotAir, Malkin, Instapundit, or others):

And he’s right.


OccupyWallStreet vs. Bill Whittle

October 14, 2011

I know who my money’s on: Bill Whittle delivers yet another awesome Afterburner, taking to task the Wall Street Whiners.


Bias in the Media? What Next!

May 5, 2010


Our favorite writer, Bill Whittle, takes on media bias. What’s not to love?

“Now, most people think that this left-leaning press bias is a relatively recent phenomenon, but it’s not. And the consequences are not just skewed elections, as if that’s not serious enough, that’s just political ruin. But the consequence of this left-leaning press bias has cost a lot of people their lives–a lot of people…”


Gitmo Detainees: Soldiers or Weapons?

November 30, 2009

Hey, remember a few weeks ago, when we were all outraged at the Obama administration’s decision to try Gitmo detainees in New York courts, rather than holding military trials for the self-confessed 9/11 mastermind and his minions? Whatever happened to that? Why has it died out of the news?

In fact, why aren’t we seeing blog posts and articles and, well, videos like this one?

“The people held at Guantanamo Bay are not crewing the weapons in this war; they are the weapons in this war. They are independently operating, constantly evolving, high-level weapons systems that understand our weaknesses — like our civilian air traffic system — and they have dedicated their lives to killing as many of us as they possibly can.

“We have an obligation to understand everything we can about these weapons: where they come from; how they were made; who put them together; where they were aimed; how they were triggered; and most importantly, what are their weaknesses and blind spots, so that we can most effectively defend against them in the future.”

Thanks, Bill, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Media Bias Friday

August 28, 2009


I can’t imagine how I missed this Bill Whittle video from a few months ago, but as usual, he is spot on in his assessments:

Interestingly, about a week after that disastrous Susan Roesgen interview and its follow-up got splashed all over the news (finally!), Ms. Roesgen decided to take a break from her job. She might have called it “taking  a break,” however CNN decided to call it non-renewal of her contract.

One wonders what would have happened had the follow-up “amateur” video not been released…



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