Vow to Remember

March 21, 2010


Vow to remember this coming November
The healthcare vote, and those who followed.
Vow to remember this coming November
When deals were made and Reps were yellow.
Vow to remember this coming November.
Vote out the Congress whose brains were fallow
Vow to remember, and if you remember,
Then follow.

Vow to remember each Rep on a bender
Got bribes galore without a bellow.
Vow to remember each Rep was a vendor
Of votes; with spines made up of Jell-o .
Vow to remember, and return to sender
Those Reps and that cesspool in which they wallow.
Vow to remember, and come this November,
Then follow.

Vote in November and let us remember,
A country free and proud and mellow.
Vote in November and always remember,
That pile of crap we had to swallow.
Vote in November and let us dismember
The Reps who betrayed us, and sold us hollow.
Vote in November–our hearts should remember
And follow.

UPDATE: Per the comments, this song of course is a take-off from “Try To Remember” from the longest-running musical ever, The Fantasticks.


Q: Why Is A College Education Like Healthcare?

March 20, 2010

A. It’s not.

So why in the name of all that’s holy are we seeing provisions for taking over the college loan business, as well as disbursements to “historically black” colleges and “underrepresented students” in this abortion of a healthcare bill that may be foisted upon us before the Vernal Equinox?

John Leo, writing at Minding the Campus, mentions the racial preferences which are sprinkled liberally (hah!) throughout the bill, and in particular he makes reference to college and university funding (in a healthcare bill?):

Obamacare money for colleges is also aimed directly at predominately black and Hispanic schools. On its for-pay site, the Chronicle of Higher Education says: “The plan also includes $255-million a year to help historically black colleges, as outlined in the House bill. It includes $750-million over five years for College Access Challenge grants, which would support state efforts to enroll and graduate underrepresented students, down from $3-billion over 10 years in the earlier House version.”

“Obamacare money for colleges.” Cognitive dissonance? Oxymoron? Lapsus lingua? Nope, just the start of yet another government take-over. Because in the healthcare bill is also the provision to nationalize the college loan industry. The National Association of Scholars views this latest power grab with some concern:

“The health care bill that the Democrats hope to pass by “reconciliation” to avoid the normal Senatorial voting procedure is now being amended to include the administration’s Big Grab on federal student loans.  If this works, we will have one bill in which the federal government not only takes primary control of American health care but also simultaneously takes practical control of American higher education…

“Senator [Lamar] Alexander notes that DOE plans to borrow from the Fed at a 2.8 percent interest rate, lend to students at 6.8, and splurge with the difference with a massive new spending program.  He reports that the Congressional Budget Office has lowered the estimated savings from kicking out the private lenders from $87 billion to something like $47 billion.  Some 2,000 private lenders will be forced out of this business.  Services to students driven by industry competition will be eliminated in favor of typical federal bureaucratic “efficiency.”  And those “educators, engineers and computer scientists—the backbone of the new economy”?  They will be spending years longer and paying lots more to pay back loans that are actually being used to fund Congressmen’s favorite edu-pork programs.”

Borrowing at 2.8% and lending at 6.8%? Lower estimated savings than originally promised? Putting 2,000 private lending companies out of business? Sounds just like an Obama-sponsored, pork laden, Democrat spending spree. Heck, it’ll fit into the Obamacare bill slicker than a bucket of boiled okra.

As we get closer and closer to an actual vote, I’ll go back to Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and quote rule #9:

“The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”

Usually, perhaps. But in this case, I must disagree. Nothing could be more terrifying than the actual passage of this abomination of a bill.


Weekend Slaughter – Obamacare Climax Sunday?

March 19, 2010

Source: seraphicpress

We’ve got a big week-end in store for us. You’ve heard of the “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.” Well, now get ready for the “St. Patrick’s Day Week-end Slaughter.” Translation: If President Obama and the Democratic Congress have their way, by Monday, healthcare reform will be a done deal, compliments of the Slaughter Rule. In a very real sense, they are out to slaughter health care as we know it. And given some of the aspects of this bill, democracy itself is in serious danger.

They just ask you not to look at the method used to accomplish this goal. A lesser person might think something fishy is happening here.

They also want to assure you: There’s nothing to see here, folks… just keep moving along now.

Look, fellow citizens. It’s crunch time. This is the moment we’ve known was coming since before the B.O. Presidency began. It’s now or never. Contact your Senators and the Representatives–not just the one from your district, but all your state’s Reps. Let them know firmly but politely your views on not just the bill, but the sleight of hand used to accomplish it.  Track how your Senators and Representatives vote. And get ready to hit the ground running next week. Because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light’s name is the United States Constitution.

With the support of Republican members of Congress,  radio talk show host Mark Levin (who is also an attorney and author of the best seller “Liberty and Tyranny”) is preparing a legal challenge to be filed the moment Obama signs this Obamanation into law.

And Levin, who is also President of the Landmark Legal Foundation, is just the man to lead this challenge. According to Wikipedia, Levin:

“…served as adviser to several members of President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet, eventually becoming Associate Director of Presidential Personnel and ultimately Chief of Staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese

If you don’t already listen to his radio talk show, I urge you to do so, but also go to Levin’s web site as it is chock full of verified information which should reassure you we are on the right side of the issue and victory will ultimately be ours.

As the direct beneficiaries of the ultimate democracy in the world, it is paramount that We the People roll up our sleeves and show character approaching that of those who got us through World War II. There are some who say we no longer have that character. Sadly, to a large degree they are right. But we had better FIND that character in each of us. And the time is now. For if we don’t make a stand here and now, democracy, as this world knows it, will have been dealt a potentially lethal blow.  And the bloodshed it would take to re-establish any form of democracy anywhere in the world again would be nothing short of apocalyptic.

This is not the time to turn our heads away. It’s time to take our place on the battle lines. And when we defeat healthcare reform, we might just want to take a good hard look at Congressional Reform. Starting this fall.

UPDATE: Malkin weighs in, and hits a home run right off the bat:

If you cannot trust government’s numbers, you cannot trust government’s words. This is the lesson of the House Democrats’ desperate promotion of a phony-baloney, Congressional Budget Office analysis of their latest health care takeover package.

Gerry Ashley

ObamaCare: How We Got Here

March 18, 2010


…all in 90 seconds:

The National Republican Congressional Committee did a great job on this. Spread it around, and if you feel like it, send them a few bucks.

And just to remind you, this is how it’s supposed to work:


President Obama: Dancing with the (Fox) Stars

March 18, 2010


Bret Baier, the genial, affable, amiable host of the Fox News program, Special Report, gently and politely kicked the President’s backside and took his lunch money in the very special interview between the two last night. The President, in turn, danced all around Baier’s simple to-the-point questions with all the virtuosity of Fred Astaire, but to no avail, as Baier’s polite but insistent queries made the President look worse and worse as the interview wore on.

Starting with Baier’s first question:

Baier: You have said at least four times in the past two weeks, “The United States Congress owes the American people a final up or down vote on health care.” So do you support the use of this Slaughter Rule, the deem-and-pass rule, so that Democrats avoid the straight up or down vote on the Senate Bill?

President Obama: Well, here–here’s what I think is gonna happen. Ah, and what should happen. Ah, you now have a proposal from me that will be in legislation, that has the toughest insurance reforms in history, makes sure that people are able to get insurance even though they’ve got pre-existing conditions, makes sure that, uh, we are reducing costs for families and small businesses by allowing them to buy into a pool, the same pool that members of Congress have, we know that this is going to reduce the deficit by over a trillion dollars, so we’ve got a good package on the substance, and I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or the Senate…

Baier: Will–will you support this measure?

President Obama: What I can tell you is that the vote that’s taken in the House will be a vote for healthcare reform, and if people vote yes, whatever form that takes, that is going to be a vote for healthcare reform, and I don’t think we should pretend otherwise…

Answer the question, Mr. President.

And it just goes downhill from there, Baier asking simple questions:

Baier: Mr. President, let me–let me insert this. You know, we asked our viewers to email in suggested questions. More than 18,000 people took time to email us questions. And these are regular people from all over the country. Lee Johnson from Spring Valley CA: “If the bill is so good for all of us, why all the intimidation and arm-twisting, seedy deals and parliamentary trickery necessary to pass a bill when you have an overwhelming majority in both houses and the Presidency?” Sandy Moody in Chesterfield, MO: “If the healthcare bill is so wonderful, why do you have to bribe Congress to pass it?

And the President waltzing all around:

President Obama: Bret, I get 40,000 uh, letters or emails a day (cross-talk). I’ve got exactly the same emails that I could show you, that talk about “why haven’t we done somthin’ to make sure that I, a small business person, am getting as good a deal as the members of Congress are getting, and don’t have my insurance rates jacked up 40%?” “Why is it that I, a mother with a child with a pre-existing condition still can’t get insurance?” So the, the issue that I’m concerned about is whether or not we’re fixing a broken system…

Answer the question, Mr. President.

The man can’t (or won’t) answer a simple question without giving us a lesson in quick-stepping around a subject. HotAir reports that even Shep Smith seemed impressed with his preview with Baier.

 It’s getting to the point where I can’t stand to hear this man’s voice any more, and I feel that I may go into spasms if I keep listening. Rather like Kramer’s reaction to hearing the voice of Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart:

I’d say the entire interview went to Baier for being classy, persistent, on point, and polite, while the President was evasive, pushy, combative, and  in fact, entirely and predictably Obama-like.


Is My Country Still “‘Tis Of Thee”?

March 16, 2010

Image Source: Photobucket

Like many of you, I have watched as President Obama seems to be systematically dismantling the free-enterprise system and gradually implementing Socialism piece by piece. He’s already nationalized GM and Chrysler (screwing the stockholders in the process) by transferring their stock to the government and unions (The United Auto Workers now controls about 65% of Chrysler and 17.5% of GM).

If this healthcare bill is passed by the House, Obama will have grabbed control of approximately 1/6th of the nation’s economy in one fell swoop. True Marxists and communists (both long-timers and relative newcomers like Van Jones) are simply giddy with the prospects of this huge potential power-grab being accomplished without a shot being fired. Silently, they prepare for a celebration as Obama continues to spit out the rhetoric about how he is “laser focused on jobs” for those poor fools who still cling to his every word.

I read of the optimism today of Democrats who predict a healthcare reform “victory” for America. Did we really elect people this ignorant? Or are they knowing accomplices in the attempted overthrow of our healthcare industry and taking a huge step into added control of every aspect of our lives?

As I pondered the above, like a haunting voice in my ear, I imagined the words of Samuel Francis Smith, set to the music of Muzio Clementi’s Symphony No. 3. You know it (or you should) as “America” (not to be confused with “America The Beautiful”).

I recalled how we used to sing it with such pride as children in a far better era, long passed:

My country, ’tis of thee,
Sweet land of Liberty,
Of thee, I sing!
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
From every mountainside let freedom ring!

As I let the song play in my head, it dawned on me: This, ladies and gentlemen, was America. That sweet liberty that made America the shining beacon of hope for all the people in the world is growing dimmer with each new restriction placed upon us. And if the President has his way, the government will soon have the power to tell us what we can and cannot eat, and virtually every aspect of our lives will be defined by government charts and graphs determining whether or not we qualify for medical treatment based on standards we have no voice (and the government has no business) in establishing.

This is not the land of  the free, nor the land of “thee I sing.” It’s the land of “thee, I control!” There are other verses, but the final verse of the original song holds, perhaps, the most important of messages:

Our fathers’ God to Thee,
Author of liberty,
To Thee we sing.
Long may our land be bright,
With freedom’s holy light,
Protect us by Thy might,
Great God our King.

People like Barack Obama don’t want to recognize the Judeo-Christian acknowledgment of God as did the founders of this country when they wrote the Constitution. Indeed, the term “Judeo-Christian” wouldn’t be coined until 1899. But the concept, understanding, and acknowledgment was there.  And it still is with the vast majority of Americans.

Liberals and progressives would re-write history in the name of political correctness so as not to offend anyone. This is not the America we lived in until recently. Obama and the Democrats who back his agenda and the Democratic platform insist that all people must be legislated into equality. And the way they equalize is not by lifting up others, but rather by dragging down those who have achieved more through hard work and sacrifice.

This is not the America our forefathers envisioned. They saw a land where people’s achievements are limited only by their creativity, efforts and work ethic… not by legislation that punishes them for their accomplishment.

Today, I see a land where, the more you achieve, the higher the level of punishment by the government to bring you back down into the same level of others. It’s sometimes referred to as the crab-bucket system. Those of you who have gone crabbing know that if one crab attempts to crawl out of the bucket, the others eventually pull it back down with them.

Welcome to the great American Crab Bucket, folks.

Gerry Ashley

Irreconcilable Differences

March 15, 2010


Last week, Pat Caddell and Douglas Schoen wrote a dead-on accurate article in the Washington Post about the cost of the mid-term elections if Democrats continue to push for the House to pass this health care bill over the well-voiced and well-documented objections of the American people:

[T]he battle for public opinion has been lost. Comprehensive health care has been lost. If it fails, as appears possible, Democrats will face the brunt of the electorate’s reaction. If it passes, however, Democrats will face a far greater calamitous reaction at the polls. Wishing, praying or pretending will not change these outcomes.

Nothing has been more disconcerting than to watch Democratic politicians and their media supporters deceive themselves into believing that the public favors the Democrats’ current health-care plan. Yes, most Americans believe, as we do, that real health-care reform is needed. And yes, certain proposals in the plan are supported by the public.

However, a solid majority of Americans opposes the massive health-reform plan. Four-fifths of those who oppose the plan strongly oppose it, according to Rasmussen polling this week, while only half of those who support the plan do so strongly. Many more Americans believe the legislation will worsen their health care, cost them more personally and add significantly to the national deficit. Never in our experience as pollsters can we recall such self-deluding misconstruction of survey data. [Emphasis mine]

Given that so many Americans oppose this bill, so many have been so vocal about opposing it, and that it has been made clear to Congress and the President just what will happen if this monstrosity is forced upon us, one thing becomes very very clear. They can hear us. They just don’t care. And that bodes ill for us all.

If the Democrats are going to force into law a bill that is so unpopular with the public, what will they enact next?

And so it becomes all the more imperative to vote these preening popinjays out of office in November. Not just to send a message that they would have done better to listen to their constituents from the start, but also to prevent them from attempting the same thing with future legislation.

If this bill manages to pass the House, there are going to be numerous legislators who should start thinking now about looking for new jobs just before Thanksgiving. Because at this point, there are irreconcilable differences between the DC ruling elite and the rest of us.

While we are well beyond the “a la lanterne!” passions of centuries past, one can certainly picture a bevy of modern-day Madame DeFarges tweeting the names of every doomed Senator and Congressman in voting precincts across the country.

You’ll be able to identify her easily. She’ll be the one drinking tea.


Beware The Ides Of March – And Beyond

March 10, 2010

Obama Is Getting Angrier And Angrier... (Photo Source: Foxnews)

I was looking at Stoutcat’s earlier post, Insolence of Office, and was about to add my thoughts about that “halo” that appears to encircle “The Chosen One’s head.

Actually, if you look closely at the picture, that’s not a halo as was previously assumed. It turns out, it’s the atmospheric  fog he exists in from being in over his head.

Therein lies a potential danger, and I think it’s time to get serious: Obama is on a mission. He (and his ego) cannot accept anything less than victory in his quest. Sure, he fumbles about the Presidency, not knowing when to bow and when not to. Sure, he does little more than apologize to our adversaries for the great accomplishments of The United States. And yes, it has already come back to bite him in the asterisk.

In 2008, and with a society growing weary of the war in Iraq (which they conveniently forget they supported), Obama probably figured he could walk into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and declare whatever he wanted. He didn’t count on America waking up, however. Young, middle age, old, it doesn’t matter. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence now knows we’ve been duped.


Obama didn’t plan on losing the public’s support so soon. I believe he figured he had at least one term, maybe two to get his deeds done. But this past year has caused him to accelerate his agenda. And that means the sharp pain you feel attempting its way into your backside is more than just healthcare. It’s Cap and Trade. It’s Nationalization of our economy. It’s the whole enchillada, folks. Obama’s getting desperate. And when desperate tyrants don’t get their way, they get angry and vengeful. And when they get angry and vengeful, they tend to pull out all the stops.

With mid-term elections just around the corner, time has become another factor. Dissent is starting to show in the Democrat ranks as members of the House and Senate ponder their own political futures. They aren’t nearly as likely to let Obama throw them under the bus to get his way as they once were,  and this is only making Obama more frustrated and furious.

Speculation is that Obama has raided the coffers of last year’s “Stimulus package” in order to buy or bribe support for his dream of health-care legislation… a cornerstone of his administration.

Make Way For The Healthcare Express - Source: San Diego Tribune

If Healthcare goes down to defeat this time around, Obama’s entire Presidency is in jeopardy. And even though he would like us to believe he is “laser-focused on jobs,” anyone with an IQ in double digits or above can see this is not the focus of his attention.

More and more, it’s becoming painfully obvious that the emperor has no clothes. Or health care. Or even the support of many of those who voted for him.

These are desperate times for President Obama. He’s already implemented desperate measures behind closed doors that appear to be little more than outright bribes, the most obvious of which are:

However, it’s the next act(s) of desperation we need to be concerned with.

My guess is we’re entering an era of new desperate measures by the Obama administration. Look for the President to push the Healthcare vote within the next two weeks, and if it fails to garner enough votes for a simple majority, look for him to throw America under the bus and use reconciliation or an executive order to implement the legislation that is likely to achieve his goal… not of providing affordable  healthcare, but enacting legislation that will bankrupt the United States economy once and for all.

Whether it’s healthcare that bankrupts our economy, or a President who’s about to explode, my fear is that something wicked this way comes.

Gerry Ashley

Time, It Was… And What A Time It Was

January 30, 2010


Run For The Cure

When we started Grand Rants, the premise was something Alan, Stoutcat, and I came up with together: “Our World Discussed.” Sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day current events , and when that happens, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that “Our World” is more than just about politics. So we periodically put together something that we hope you all can relate to, be it humor-based or serious. Sadly, this is one of the latter.

And I share this with you all, not to elicit sympathy, for I am fine.  Rather, it’s to share an experience that is a part of life and, in this case, the acknowledgment of  the passages that mark our lives. There’s something gained for every loss. Sometimes the gain is realized prior to the loss, other gains aren’t realized until afterward.

If I may…

I recently found out that my childhood sweetheart has passed away.  I’ll call her “Kathy.” She was just 55 years old when she passed. I came upon the news in a jarring way. I was trying to locate her to share some news about a mutual friend. While doing a Google search, I came upon an article in her alma mater publication in the “In Memoriam” section. Further research uncovered that she died of Breast Cancer.

Kathy and I remained good friends as our lives took different paths. We kept in touch over the years. But when she married a young man from England and moved there to start a family, I knew our contact would slowly ebb. Still, we kept in touch. It was during those years that I realized what a kindred spirit she was. My love for her as a young man was based on passion. My love for her as an adult was based in appreciation and respect.

What bothers me most about this is that her death may have been avoidable:  She discovered a lump on one of her breasts at a stage that should have been treatable, although there are never any guarantees where cancer is concerned. But by the time she was able to get a biopsy, the cancer had metastasized, spreading to lymph nodes. She died while waiting for medical treatment under England’s socialized medicine. And that is why I wanted to share this with all of you.

She and her husband didn’t have the means to fly to the United States for treatment. Indeed, they didn’t think it necessary until she was finally seen at a clinic in England and given the news.  “Go home and prepare your family” she was told.  This is what socialized medicine is like.

We are not out of the woods in this country regarding nationalized health Nancy Pelosi has made it clear she intends to ram this down our throats. For her and for President Obama, this is more about saving face and ego than it is doing the right thing. I encourage all of our readers to continue to write or otherwise contact your U.S. Representatives and state categorically what Obama and Pelosi refuse to acknowledge: The system of healthcare we have is the best in the world and can be made even better, but not by destroying it.

In memory of Kathy, I’m sponsoring a young lady who will be running in next month’s 3rd annual Marathon To Finish Breast Cancer in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kathy will live on in my memory.  Sadly, that’s all I have left as it dawned on me since her passing that I have no photographs of her. Somewhere during one of my moves, they must have slipped away.

As a young man, I used to play songs for her on my guitar. One came to mind as I sat down to write this. The lyrics struck me as especially poignant:

“Time it was
And what a time it was
A time of innocence
A time of confidences…

Long ago (it must be)
I have a photograph.
Preserve your memories:
They’re all that’s left you…”

Gerry Ashley

Former Surgeon General Warns Seniors

January 27, 2010


When trying to shove a disastrously bad healthcare bill down our throats, if you’ve lost E. C. Everett Koop, you’ve lost senior America.


H/T: Confederate Yankee


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